Can Castor Oil Reduce Wrinkles

Posted by whitney smith Tuesday, April 13, 2010

People who are facing the problem of wrinkles are looking for the best wrinkle treatment. The number of men and women who are looking for effective remedy for wrinkles which are brought on by aging; dry skin and stress are increasing day by day. Different kinds of wrinkle treatment method are available now a day so, people often get confused in selection of right treatment for wrinkles.

Many anti-wrinkle treatments or products are commercially available today and most of them are formulated using a natural ingredient and synthetic substances. But due to presence of artificial ingredient in these kinds of treatment some people often consider these treatments unnatural. Those people don’t want to use such kind of treatments. They prefer to use natural treatments indeed. Out of many natural treatments, the use of Castor oil is considered one of the effective methods for treatment of wrinkles.

A Bowl of Castor Oil

Castor oil is usually taken as a health supplement. It is produced form the seed of Castor plant. Castor oil is an effective form of wrinkle treatment because you can diminish wrinkles and restore your youthful appearance simply by the application of Castor oil to your skin.

Castor oil is very effective at moisturizing your skin and it has many antioxidant properties as well. Castor oil not only cleans, heals and hydrates your skin but it also helps to defend your skin against oxidizing agents. One of the properties of Castor oil that, even I like is that it does not leave an oily feeling on the skin after using it.

You can simply wash it off with some warm water and or some gentle facial cleanser and it will leave your skin feeling smooth and soft. Castor oil also helps to increase the flow of blood to the skin where it is applied. When there is increase in the flow of blood, the skin will receive more oxygen and nutrients as a result skin becomes healthier and fuller and fine lines and wrinkles will diminish. You can even decrease or fade heavy wrinkles when there is increase in circulation of blood.

Positive reviews have been received from those people who have been using Castor oil on their skin on a regular basis. They are satisfied and happy after using this treatment. Castor oil reduces fine lines and wrinkles and gives your skin its natural healthy glow. It is true that no treatment available today can completely vanish wrinkle. But you can keep wrinkles on the bay by regular treatment of your skin by using Castor oil. It will make you look and feel younger for long period of time.


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